A short behind Dmada

Tonight I'm taking a minute to share the story behind Dmada. I've always considered myself as a creative once shy individual who loves design. For the longest time, being an architect, designing extreme homes was my passion. My computer was filled with floor plans of homes drawn in the program "Paint". The idea of creating something on paper and turning it into something tangible always intrigued me. Not only a tangible product, but something that functioned, looked good, and would last generations. After graduating high school, the pressure of going to college and figuring out what I wanted to be at 18, kind of numbed me. I took a business class at a local university and after completing one semester, I decided to stop going. With the thought of getting a degree in business or possibly graphic design, going to school for another 4 years wasn't appealing to me! The idea that our society advertises daily of success is not encouraging! We don't need people to define our success, but yet if we want something bad enough, we can define our own success with hard work and action! I worked in the Motorsport industry for a number of years and had the opportunity to work with a team to bring certain products to production, create magazine ads, packaging design, and a variety of print media. As of now I am a full time machinist at a local steel manufacturing plant and Dmada is my side hustle! So if you want something bad enough, stand tall, work hard everyday, and never compromise your integrity!

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